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Mold Removal

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Mold removal in Advance, NC, and surrounding Piedmont areas

We don’t stop with just mold removal. Stopping the source, i.e, water, that gives the mold the perfect environment to grow is just as important or otherwise, the mold will return. Mold must have moisture to thrive.

We go beyond mold removal and stop the source in its tracks

A mold removal project can range from simple to complex depending on how long the mold has been present and how much it has spread. Unfortunately, what you see on the surface isn’t all of it. Mold eats away at wood structures, sheetrock, and other porous surfaces and can damage the structural integrity if left too long. On the other hand, it can be as simple as replacing your insulation and getting rid of the moisture and high humidity in your crawlspace or basement to prevent future growth.

Mold growing on wall being wiped with cotton tip

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Eliminating water and moisture for good will prevent future mold problems. Rely on a company that sees the big picture and is capable of addressing the source as well as the cleanup. We tailor an affordable solution for your home.

Rid your crawl space of musty smells for good.

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