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Crawlspace waterproofing in Advance, NC, and surrounding Piedmont

Waterproofing the basement or crawlspace is something that quite a few homes can benefit from. Wet crawl spaces can cause a lot of damage, and if you have been on the fence about how to make this happen due to fears it will be a costly project, trust Dogwood Crawlspaces LLC. We know exactly where you are coming from and we have multiple waterproofing solutions to help.

Types of waterproofing

Crawlspace encapsulation- This solution is the largest and most complete waterproofing solution. Encapsulation can incorporate several components and it encapsulates the entire crawl space including the floor, walls, columns, and vents. Drainage systems, premium vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers can also be utilized to achieve a humidity-controlled, clean, and dry crawl space. Crawlspace encapsulation is the Cadillac of waterproofing and delivers the best results and home value.
Basement waterproofing- We can waterproof your basement walls and floors for long-term planning. Many like to finish their basements for additional heated living areas, but you must start with a dry basement or you’re in for a lot of wasted money.
Foundation waterproofing- This can include coatings or membranes designed to resist water penetration around your foundation. Foundation waterproofing membranes keep rain and groundwater from slowly seeping through your foundation walls. Drainage systems can also help to control groundwater.
Vapor barriers- Every home should have a high-quality vapor barrier in its crawl space. This is essential in keeping ground moisture and humidity under control. Installing a vapor barrier is inexpensive and provides tremendous benefits to your foundation and home. We use a product that offers a 25-year vapor barrier warranty. We don’t compromise on quality.

New waterproofed wall and edge of basement

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